Subaru Misfire, O2 sensor Codes Viewer Participates! Pt2


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  • Whats really cool about your approach is probably you approach it like any medical person would…cars like people have different systems that make them work…the secret is understanding scientifically ….not hunches! (replace a part)..Though? …..all good discoveries are ripe with hunches

    anyways … I so understand your diagnosis but I thought about it as you were doing the FASTTEC I kept wondering….I am a shade tree mechanic but I understand the multi system analogy…im my experience the only thing that made sense of the fact was that when you revved the car it ran better…and I could only think of one system that could do that and it was the VVT . Explain please. What I figure is when you blew it out you dislodged a plug. That assumes that the oil pressure increases demand for more advance and it just got stuck there from a dam of some kind…like a beaver in the creek does.

    Really appreciate your mind and your sharing it. I have A.D.D. so it sucks knowing but not remembering!!kinda like the movie Groundhog day.

    sorry im rambling,…kinda stoned right now.

    • OH..I forgot the real reason I write is that I was a paid member but probably lost another debit card…and my subscription lapsed….couldn’t find how to renew on line. My friends say “I don’t look so good” but I ain’t ugly… I just can’t find things when I look for them….pretty weird shit!

      Anyway,, a response about how to renew my membership would be appreciated.

      Keep up the good work on educating us fools… even make me learn!