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      Glad to see the website up but find it not the most user friendly. My suggestions in the spirit of improvement not criticism are;

      1) A conspicuous login box on the main page since it is a paid site that requires authentication.
      2) New videos spot on the main page to show us the latest videos.
      3) News on the main page of site changes, future planned videos etc.
      4) Videos classified by type (basic, or Diagnosis and Understanding series etc…) sorted alphabetically.
      5) Eliminate the photos on the Videos page to allow more video listings without having to hit “load more” repeatedly until you eventually find what you are looking for.
      6) Video search function. Searching for MAP at the top of the page yields no result. I would expect it to provide a list of videos that reference MAP sensors.


        Thats exactly my thoughts! Particularly new videos identified or a notification button to notify members of newly added videos


          I agree with item 4 in the suggestions. It would be great to see the videos grouped by tutorial/primers and case studies.


            AGreed. I am working with the IT team to make some better modifications. I too am unimpressed with the searchability of the site and it will only get worse as it explands. I will work on these and other improvements over the next few weeks.


              The website is not very intuitive. It would be nice to have videos by date and a new videos area. Also by profile a viewing history.



                Can you allow PayPal-payments please, because i don’t have a card to pay with. So i can not subscribe for Schrodinger’s Box Quantum Mekanix.


                J man

                  I am a member but can not seem to watch the videos.the new web site sure is hard to get to and figure out where to there anything special you have to do to view.? Any help would be appreciated,thanks just trying to expand my understanding of these new systems,i retired and now want to expand my old school ways.


                    Hello, Love watching your videos. I am going through the list and picking out the ones I would like to watch first and putting them in the watch later box. When I want to watch the video and it is a new category that I created in that watch video later box, how do I find the new category I can only see the first category? Also It would be nice if there was a way to put a check on the videos I already watched. it takes some time scrolling thru the videos clicking Load more Videos maybe I just do not understand the system yet? great videos though.


                      I just read someone suggest putting dates on video, I wanted to say that also, it makes it easer to find my place. I do not know maybe you have them categorized, but you could still add date to new videos.


                        The website could use a dark mode you can select in user profile, all the white is an eye strain, especially if you like to read forums at night on your phone to wind down. I use “Dark Reader” browser add on to make websites dark (works on FireFox on Android as well as Chromium browsers), so it’s not a huge deal for me, but not everyone knows there are browser extensions that can do this if it bothers them. Maybe do a poll among subscribers to see if dark or light mode is most preferred for the default setting.

                        Also, I think the CSS “container” max-width style should change from 1080px to 1600px, or remove it altogether so the content can continue to get wider as you make the window wider. It could prove really annoying on a 4k screen and is already noticeably too narrow for me on my 2560×1440 screen. I’ll add a style for the “Stylus” browser extension to share the adjustment if anyone wants.

                      Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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