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      Hi to everyone

      ive been having for the past year a rich condition that I have not been able to fix.
      other signs: engine starts well, drive it for about 30mint, if i turn the engine off and want to start it again… sometimes it might have a hard stard or maybe start up right back again.

      Sometimes I can smell raw gasoline in the cabin while driving at 80km per hour…. no cars infront of me….

      engine code P0606 sometimes pops up and dissapears right back again.

      Toyota Land Cruiser Prado- 2trfe engine – year 2005, same engine as the Tacoma.

      Short term trim: between -10% & -13%
      Long term trim:-25%
      fuel pressure: working properly – 41psi give or take.
      Fuel pressure regulator: working properly
      Oxygen sensor: working properly using teckstream, values change when doing active injector test.
      PVC valve: working properly, disconnected hose and checked for vaccum.
      Purge Valve: working properly, disconnected, appliad voltage, checked for leak, etc
      Coolant temperature: checks, 85C
      Air fuel sensor: working properly using teckstream, values change when doing active injector test., but it normally stays at 3.2v when at iddle and afs lambda 1.008… how could the lambda be at 1.008 if I have a short trim of -20

      im really starting to go crazy….. i dont know what else to do.

      I will share the techstream Freezed frame data showed when code poped up:
      vehicle speed: 36
      engine speed: 1853
      calculate load 91.3
      vehicle load 92.5
      maf 45.81
      atmosphere pressure 103
      coolant temp 71
      intake air 40
      engine run time 191seconds
      initial engine coolant temp 40.6celius
      initial intake air temp 46.8celcius
      battery voltage 13.6v
      accel sens. no1. volt% 29
      accel sens.no2. volt% 44.7
      throttle sensor position 15.6
      throttle motor duty 32.9
      injector (port) 9.21
      injection volum (cylinder1) 0.45
      fuel pump/speed status: on
      fuel pump/speed status: on
      evap purge flow: 0
      purge density learn value: 0
      evap purge vsv: off
      targe air fuel ratio: 1.002
      aflambda b1s1: 1.008
      afs voltage b1s1: 3.24
      o2s b1s2: 0.48
      short ft #1: -13.3
      long ft#1: -25
      fuel system status #1: CL
      fuel system status #2: unused
      secondatyr air control vsv: OFF
      2nd air system status: OFF
      AI test: NOT RDY
      ign advance: 8.5
      knock feedback value: -3.0
      knock correct learn value: 18.5
      vvt control status #1: ON
      Starter signal: off
      Closed tjrottle position Sw: OFF
      electrical load signal: OFF


        I’m also struggling with highly negative fuel trims right now in my 96 Subaru Outback. Been about a month now without a car that’s able to be driven well. Hoping to find an answer here.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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