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      I am a newbie and newly obsessed with trying to learn the art and science of diagnostic techniques as well as develop some level of mechanical aptitude. I would like to work on the videos in a methodical way that would building on the previous learnings. I searched for a rough curriculum, but could not find one in the postings. So I am proposing one here. The objective is to start with the basics and build from there. I am leaving the more complicated techniques until later.

      If anyone has better suggestions (because I pretty much don’t know what I am talking about), I would love to hear them

      Curriculum (Draft)
      1. Basic Electrical for Beginners (series)
      2. Scantool Tutorial (series)
      3. Don’t Fry Your PCM (series)
      4. How to Test Wires at the PCM
      5. Alternators Diagnosis and Understanding
      6. Diagnose and Understand Ignition System (series)
      7. Basic Ignition Coil Test Procedures
      8. How to Test for a Bad Spark Plug
      9. Diagnosis and Understanding Evap Systems
      10. Knock Sensor Diagnosis and Understanding (series)
      11. Diagnosis and Understanding Vacuum (series)
      12. Mystery Coolant Loss Diagnosis (series)
      13. Diagnosis and Understanding Coolant Temp Sensor (series)
      14. AC Diagnostics (series)
      15. Inside the Box – AC Diagnosis
      16. AC Component Replacement procedures
      17. Differential Rebuild (series)
      18. Timing Belt Job Considerations & procedures
      19. Compression test to find jumped timing belt
      20. Cam & Crank Sensor Basics (series)
      21. Using Water to Diagnose P1071, p1074 Lean
      22. Identifying design and wire identification by intuition (series)

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