2009 Mini S Crank no Start after coil swap.

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      Hello everyone, I’m tony and I’m new here. I’m looking to get some guidance for a crank no start. I have 2009 mini cooper S (yes is a cheap made car… is my wife’s). I wanted to give the car the works maintenance, oil, filter, spark plugs etc. The car started without problem, just before I changed the spark plugs and coils. Once I was done and turned the key (pushed button) the car only cranks. I checked,the relays for fuel pump, ignition, and they all seem fine (I closed the circuit and added a positive charged on 30 and a grounded light on 87 pin and the light went on). I took the fuel pump out of the car and tested it; pump seems to be is working (when I added charged worked fine). I heard gas moving on the fuel rail too in case there’s a problem there. checked spark plugs and gas is indeed being sprayed.spark plugs gap is fine. I tested the new coils with the multi meter and didn’t pick up resistance 0.00 (don’t know much about electricity either). I tested the coil terminals for battery positive charge with the key in the “on” position, and i got battery positive charge. I also get RPM movement, indicating the cam sensor is working. Crank shaft sensor maybe? I’m all out of ideas, any help is greatly appreciated. The spark plugs are also torque properly. Thank you again for any tips or tests suggestions

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