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    Hey Matt, all. My name is David, been working on anything with an engine since I was kid. The other kids in the neighborhood would bring their broken stuff and sometimes I was able to fix it. I never had enough money to pay someone to fix my car so it was learn how to fix it myself or do without. There were a few people who shared what they knew with me, and I was eager to learn. Motor oil in the veins.I will always be thankful to them for taking the time to teach me. I worked on cars (tune-ups to engine/trans swaps and rebuilds) at home during the late 70’s up to the early 90’s for extra money. A full time job and family left little time fixing others cars. Fast forward to now and I am about to retire. Plan on supporting my automotive habit by getting back into working on cars. Sites like yours have helped me to understand just how much I need to learn to repair modern vehicles. Thank you for being another one of those people who took and is taking the time to teach me now. Love the site and the videos. Keep up the good work.

Viewing 106 post (of 106 total)
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